Todd Taylor



Todd Taylor is Currently Chief Operating Officer and Partner at Infinity Tool Mfg. Todd, with Kenny Sentel, formed Infinity with the goal of providing high quality American made products to the world. Infinity was built and tooled with the drilling industry in mind.

While in high school Todd started an early education in machining, moving into the drilling industry to manufacture DTH drill bits immediately afterwards, as well as since acquiring a college degree in CNC machining. He has been a successful business operator and forerunner of the industry since, assisting the progression of many drilling tools and methods while establishing record breaking designs throughout his career: he completed his first patent in 2013 and anticipates many more to come.

Todd enjoys fishing and the beach for relaxation, as well as spending time with his son Riley and two stepsons, Max and Hudson. He lives on a farm in Southern Illinois with Hudson and his wife Michelle.

Phone: 1-888-838-6657

Todd Taylor